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Make Your Own Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes

A totally custom way to brand your pre-rolled packaging and stand out from the crowd. When it comes to your business, you want packaging that fits your brand. ZEEPackaging is here to help with custom pre-roll boxes and packaging. We provide custom boxes for cannabis pre-rolls, CBD pre-rolls, marijuana pre-rolls, hemp pre-rolls, and weed pre-rolls.

Display Your Cannabis Products in Vibrant and Durable Custom Pre Roll Packaging

Cannabis products are on the rise, with an emerging and evolving market. These unique products have special packaging needs to ensure they stay as fresh as possible and are infused with the correct elements to make them last longer.

It's the right time to invest in your Cannabis business with some impressive joint roll boxes that will help you increase sales and profits. Custom Pre Roll packaging solutions are a great way to keep your unique products safe, and they are also a great way to make them more attractive. Pre-rolls are generally used to sell or distribute small amounts of Cannabis products in a jar, container, or box. They are also handy for delivery, either by mail or courier.

There is no shortage of people who want to get their hands on weed, and there is no shortage of places where you can buy it from either. With the amount of money that is out there being spent on marijuana these days, it is a good idea to get involved in this market. A pre-roll is a marijuana cigarette that has been rolled for you. They are often filled with high-quality cannabis and cost more than if you were to roll your own joint.

Cannabis companies want their joint roll boxes to match their brand and look great on the shelf. A custom printed pre-roll box can display your product, protect it, and get you noticed by consumers. If you have not considered using the pre-roll box before, then it is time that you did so.

The Pre Roll Joints Boxes are available in different colors and shapes. You can select a color that matches your product or order custom printed boxes. The best way to make your brand stand out is to order custom printed boxes with your logo and branding. ZEE Packaging offers custom printing on all our pre-rolled packaging boxes so you can match the color of your boxes to the color of your brand.

Get Matchless Quality Pre Roll Box Packaging from ZEE Packaging

Pre-roll box packaging is a must if you want to keep your pre-rolls safe. Not only does it protect the product inside, but it also helps in marketing your brand. This is why we at Zee Packaging come up with high-quality customized pre-rolled boxes that are durable and sturdy and help you make your mark in the market. Our pre-roll joints boxes are made from the highest quality cardboard or Kraft paper. These are manufactured using recycled materials which makes them environment friendly and recyclable.

Whether you want simple or fancy pre-rolled boxes, we can make them for you as per your requirements. Our wide range of custom pre-roll box options lets you choose from a variety of high-quality materials such as paperboard, corrugated stock, Kraft paper, and cardboard to create unique custom printed pre-rolled boxes. We also offer various customization options such as window panes, embossing, debossing, foiling (silver or gold), raised ink printing, and raised ink printing to create something exceptional for your brand. Each of these pre-rolled packaging options can be used individually or in combination to create something truly unique for your products and brand image.

Wide Array of Pre Roll Packaging Choices

The pre-roll box is the most popular packaging of cannabis. This packaging is also known as custom pre-rolled boxes and pre-rolled paper boxes. Pre-roll packages are used to pack the different types of marijuana products. These packages can be used to pack the medical marijuana products such as different types of CBD oil, THC oil, and many others. ZEE packaging has all types of preroll packaging with different designs and shapes that you can avail yourself of. These boxes are constructed using cardboard, corrugated and brown materials to make them durable and the perfect choice for your packaging needs.

Paper Pre Roll Box

These boxes are made up of cardboard covered in outer paper material. The designs and printing on these boxes are fully customized according to your needs and requirements. You can get any design, logo, or color you want to see on your box. You can print all the details about your product like brand name, ingredients, and other information on the boxes.

Kraft Paper Pre Roll Box

These boxes are made up of brown kraft paper material. They do not have any printing or finishing on them, but they look exquisite and graceful due to their simple look. These boxes have an earthy look that can catch the attention of people quickly, especially those who are conscious about the environment and nature.

Foldable Pre-roll Box

These are foldable boxes that can be folded into any shape and size. Several different designs and shapes can be made out of them, depending upon the design you want. You can get all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors printed on these boxes to make them look attractive. You can choose from any kind of box to place it inside the pre-roll box to satisfy your requirements.

Tuck top or Auto bottom Pre-rolled Boxes

These boxes come in two types: tuck top or auto bottom. These are generally used for shipping and storing products that do not require any specific type of container for storage purposes; however, it is always advisable to use a good quality pre-roll box as they have various benefits over other types. These boxes come with a cardboard base with a plastic film covering them, which helps keep the contents inside safe from getting damaged due to moisture and dust. It also keeps them secure from being exposed to extreme temperatures.

Various Styles and Shapes of Pre Roll Packaging

Zee packaging is a leading packaging company that provides you with custom pre-rolled boxes. Many different shapes, styles, and designs are available according to your precise needs and budget. The pre-roll box is designed to hold pre-rolled joints that come in many shapes and sizes. The standard size is 6x6x2 inches, but we also offer a variety of other sizes that include 8x8x3 inches and 4x4x4 inches. Our packaging is manufactured from premium quality materials that withstand humid weather conditions without breaking, cracking, or bending.

Pre-roll Slide Box

The most common way to pack your product is with a pre-roll slide box. These boxes are all about efficiency and ease of use for you and your customers. A pre-roll slide box can be highly customized to fit your exact branding needs, with size and color choices that run the gamut from subtle to bold. The sliders box can provide more flexibility and convenience for the user's product display and product opening.

The pre-roll slide box will generally be printed with colored patterns or other designs to make its appearance more attractive. And the printing color can be customized according to your own preferences. The pre-roll slide box is usually made from cardboard materials, which are recyclable and environmentally friendly, so it is also a green product. It can protect the environment while helping you better sell your products.

Pre-roll Hinged Box

The pre-roll hinged box packaging is a type of CBD packaging that allows you to store your products in the best way. They are instrumental in helping you keep your products safe and protecting them from damage and external agents. The pre-roll hinged box is designed to guard your joints, blunts, or cigars from getting damaged.

These boxes are made with the top-quality, durable cardboard material that preserves the freshness of your pre-rolled products. Order them in various shapes, sizes, and designs. With customization options like a window cut on the lid and foiling in silver or gold, these boxes can be used to promote your brand products to the customers.

The custom-made pre-roll hinged box has a die-cut slot where the product can be placed easily; it also has a die-cut window on the top which helps in showcasing your cannabis or CBD oil products. Moreover, you can order this pre-roll packaging in any size, shape, or color according to your preferences. You can use them to store your pre-rolled cigars, joints, and CBD edibles that you want to gift someone special.

Pre-roll Two-Piece Box

This Pre-Roll Box is a simple two-piece box that can be used as an alternative to pre-roll tubes. It is made from eco-friendly paperboard and features custom printed full-color graphics on its exterior panels. This box can hold up to 5 pre-rolls and contains a foil liner that retains freshness while keeping out moisture and odor.

The design of this pre-roll packaging box allows it to be used with any type of pre-roll tube or filter, including glass filter tips, plastic filter tips, wood tips, hemp tips, and paper wraps. You can also use them as gift boxes, party favors, baby shower gifts, give away at fundraisers, or even sell them online. If you know how to make money with a website, you can easily turn one of these boxes into a moneymaker!

Premium Pre Roll Packaging Material Options

Pre-rolls come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. This is why they must be stored in custom pre-rolled boxes that offer safety and durability. Many different materials can be used to make it. Some of the options are:


Cardboard is the most commonly used material for packaging because it comes in a wide range of thicknesses and weights. It offers great strength and durability, making it ideal for pre-roll packaging boxes.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an eco-friendly material with a rustic appearance. It has high tensile strength, making it ideal for pre-roll packaging. It also has excellent printability, so you can use any color or design to customize your pre-roll joints boxes.


Cardstock is among one of the most common materials used in pre-roll box packaging. It has a sturdy nature and is available in different thicknesses ranging from 14pt to 24pt. It can also be turned into kraft cardboard, an eco-friendly material.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is composed of 3 layers of cardboard bonded together. The middle part is called the flute, and it provides structural strength to the box. This makes corrugated cardboard perfect for heavy products like pre-rolls because it offers maximum protection against external damage.


Paperboard is an economical choice for pre-roll packaging. It's sturdy and can be used for all types of boxes, including tuck boxes and display boxes. The paperboard we use is fully recyclable and biodegradable, making it a sustainable option for brands looking to reduce their environmental footprint.


The rigid is also a cardboard-type material, but it is thicker than a cardboard sheet. It has the appearance of plastic but is made from corrugated paperboard. The rigid material gives a more premium look to your products' packaging. It feels like plastic but breaks easily if dropped from a height or hit with a hard object. So it is not recommended for products that require rough handlings, such as shipping or traveling purposes.

At ZEE Packaging, we offer all types of pre-roll packaging material choices. We also offer custom branding and a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Our pre-roll joint packaging is the best in the industry because not only do we use high-quality materials, but we also provide you with the best printing services at affordable rates to help you grow your business.

Cutting-Edge Printing Techniques for Pre Roll Box Packaging

We are a packaging company that can provide you with the best pre-roll box designs. Our boxes are of excellent quality, and we make sure that your packaging is long-lasting. We offer a wide range of printing options to print your design and logo on the boxes. You can use different printing techniques to make the branding memorable and attractive. Many advanced printing techniques can help you to achieve success in your business.

3D Printing Technique

3D printing technology is now getting normal day by day. It will help you a better look at your pre-roll packaging boxes. You can easily make a 3D image on the packaging boxes for branding purposes. It is possible with the help of software that can make a 3D image for you. This technique will definitely increase the value and quality of your custom pre-roll packaging boxes.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping gives a glossy effect to your pre-roll joints boxes. Using foil stamping for your custom pre-roll box can make it stand out on the store's shelf because these are reflective materials and can catch people's eyes easily. You can use foil stamping on different areas of your pre-rolled boxes like logos, images, or text.

Digital Printing

This printing technique is widely popular as it uses the latest technology and provides a high printing quality at a low cost. It is best suited for short-run projects and also offers customization options.

CMYK Printing

CMYK is the abbreviation for the four colors used in this technique; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. All these colors are blended to give a unique texture and effect to the packaging and display.

Offset Printing

In offset printing, the design and images are transferred onto a rubber sheet which then transfers to product packaging. This method can be used for large-scale production.


This process uses water-based ink that produces prints with fine details. It doesn't require plates, making it an affordable choice for short-run projects.

Screen Printing

This type of printing is used to print on glass, plastic, wood, etc. The ink used in this process dries quickly when exposed to air. It is best suited for t-shirts, posters, banners, and other products that need long-lasting prints.

If you want to get your hands on the best quality packaging, you should definitely try our services because we never disappoint our customers. Your brand name will be the talk of the town once you start using our printed preroll boxes. Our company uses the latest printing technology for printing custom pre-roll boxes, and we provide all our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Assortment of Styles and Designs of Pre Roll Box Packaging

There are so many different styles and shapes of the preroll boxes. The styles of these boxes are as follows:

Gable Pre-roll Box

Gable packaging is the most commonly used packaging. Pre-rolled boxes in the gable shape have a top handle, making them easy to carry. They are also trendy because they can be customized according to your desire. You can add windows, embossing, foiling, etc. You can use them for range of purposes including both personal and commercial .

Cube pre-roll box

The cube-shaped custom pre-rolled boxes are perfect for storing cannabis products. They can be used for edible products like chocolates and candies. They are also perfect for dry cannabis products like herbal teas, coffee beans, etc. You can have them in any custom size and color according to your desire.

Sleeve Pre-roll Box

The sleeve-shaped pre-roll packaging is also known as telescoping packaging because it consists of two parts; one fits over the other one. It gives a pleasing look to your product and makes it look more attractive to the buyer's eyes.

Flat Pre Roll Box

These boxes are flat and rectangular in shape. You can easily fold these boxes when you need to store them away after use. If you want to get a custom logo printed on your pre-rolled boxes wholesale, this is a good choice.

Tuck Top Pre Roll Box

This style is a single-piece box stored in multiple locations to allow the lid and base to be folded together to form a snugly fitting box that locks into place when closed. You can open them easily by pulling the top panel up, serving as a carrying handle. The boxes can be easily used as a display case or on shelves and counters.

Add-Ons and Finishing Options for Your Pre Roll Packaging

Custom pre-rolled boxes can have many add-ons and finishing options, making them more attractive in the eyes of the customers. They can include:

  • Gloss or matte lamination
  • UV lamination
  • Window cut out on the boxes
  • Printed inside of the joints roll boxes
  • Holograms or gold foiling/ silver foiling
  • Embossing or debossing on the boxes
  • Window cut-outs
  • Sealed ends
  • And many more

Order your custom designed pre-roll box packaging now

If you are looking for a top-quality pre-roll box that can help you boost your sales, then you have landed on the right page. We ZEE Packaging provides high-quality joints roll boxes that are 100% customizable at affordable prices. We offer free shipping of our products in the country and across the globe.