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ZEE Packaging has been in business since 2000. We have a passion of Designing, Printing, and Packaging for brands around the world. Everything you need for brands find in one place! Boxes, Labels, Stickers, Bags, Marketing & Promotional Materials, and many more. We offer customized packaging solutions for many industries, including cosmetics, apparel, food, electronics, cannabis, health… the list goes on! Whether you are starting a new business or have been doing for years, we've got your back. Reinforce your Brand with CUSTOM PACKAGING SOLUTIONS.

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes Custom Hemp Oil Packaging

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

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Custom Vape Cartirdge Boxes Custom Vape Cartridge Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

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Custom Lip Gloss Boxes Custom Lip Gloss Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

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Custom Lip Balm Boxes Custom Lip balm Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Lip Balm Boxes

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Custom Essential Oil Boxes Custom Essential Oil Box Manufcaturer & Supplier

Custom Essential Oil Boxes

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Custom Beard Oil Boxes Custom Beard Oil Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Beard Oil Boxes

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Custom Hot Dog Boxes Custom Hot Dog Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Hot Dog Boxes

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Custom Burger Boxes Custom Burger Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Burger Boxes

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Face Oil Boxes - Skincare Oil Packaging - Body Oil Box Skincare Oil box Supplier, Body Oil Box Makers, Facial Oil Box Manufacturer - Face Oil Packaging

Custom Face Oil Boxes

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Custom Lipstick Boxes Custom Lipstick Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Lipstick Boxes

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Custom Cream Boxes Custom Cream Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Cream Boxes

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Custom Shampoo Boxes Custom Shampoo Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Shampoo Boxes

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Custom Perfume Boxes Custom Perfume Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Perfume Boxes

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Custom Mascara Boxes Custom Mascara Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Mascara Boxes

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Custom Hair Extension Boxes Custom Hair Extension Box Manufacturer Wholesale

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

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Custom Lotion Boxes Custom Lotion Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Lotion Boxes

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Custom Eyelash Boxes Custom Eyelash Box Manufacturer & Supplier

Custom Eyelash Boxes

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Custom Nail Polish Boxes Custom Nail Polish Box

Custom Nail Polish Boxes

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Custom Box Manufacturing Solutions

LEAVE YOUR BRAND IN BEST HANDS! ZEE Packaging is a remarkable name in packaging and custom box manufacturing. Custom Packaging will give your product the competitive edge; it needs to stand out on the shelves. From consumer packaging to retail boxes, we offer the right packaging solution for any product. The suitable packaging makes all the difference, and we produce everything you need to present your brand. From product boxes and mailers to shipping boxes, our custom packaging solutions reflect your brand identity. You can make any style, size, the design you ever envisioned at ZEE Packaging. Explore Folding Carton Styles, Corrugated Box Styles, and Rigid Box Styles to find what you need. OR you can chat with our friendly live agent or call us at +1(646) 586-5308 to find the best packaging solution for your product and brand.

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Packaging Client

Choosing Zee Packaging was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got some beautiful boxes just how I wanted to be. The size of the boxes is just perfect. They cater to my needs professionally. I definitely recommend these guys to get your boxes designed.

Franco Colomba
Packaging Client

I wanted premium quality boxes with embossed text and luminous coating. Zee Packaging helped me to get exactly what I had in my mind. The boxes looked high-end and the quality was just perfect. Thank you for the professional advice and service. Loved the work!

Kevin Bogaard
Packaging Client

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Everything from their service to the end product was just amazing. I was skeptical about my decision at first but when I talked to Cody Baker, I was satisfied. Beautiful packaging, affordable prices, and the delivery were on time.

Angie Biron