Custom Perfume Boxes

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At ZEE Packaging, we offer custom perfume boxes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your product, whether it be a perfume or cologne bottle. Our team of experts specializes in designing functional and attractive packaging solutions for fragrance brands. Our unique packaging design includes custom compacts for each fragrance, which can be nested to create various box options. With custom-printed perfume boxes becoming increasingly popular, we work closely with our clients to ensure their projects meet their exact specifications, saving them time and money. We also provide a free design service and offer fast turnaround, low minimums, and affordable prices. Contact us to design your own custom perfume box today.

Free Shipping Across USA & Worldwide

Free Shipping Worldwide

Low Minimum To Start

Low Minimum To Start

No die & Plate Charges

No Die & Plate Charges

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Custom Size & Style

Custom Size & Style

Free Graphic Designing

Free Graphic Designing

Free Shipping Across USA & Worldwide

Free Shipping Worldwide

Low Minimum To Start

Low Minimum To Start

No die & Plate Charges

No Die & Plate Charges

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Custom Size & Style

Custom Size & Style

Free Graphic Designing

Free Graphic Designing

Popular Styles & Sizes Go with Perfume Boxes

Find the most popular perfume box styles & sizes here. Dimensions are in Length x Width x Height. If the required box size and style are not listed below don't worry we can do any box, just send us your query through a custom quote form or talk to our experts.

Reverse Tuck

L 1.19" x W 1.19" x H 3.53" Perfume Box
Reverse Tuck End | L 1.19 x W 1.19 x H 3.53 inches Perfume Box



Reverse Tuck

L 0.82" x W 0.82" x H 3.31" Perfume Box
Reverse Tuck End | L 0.82 x W 0.82 x H 3.31 inches Perfume Box



Reverse Tuck

L 2.31" x W 1.31" x H 3.56" Perfume Box
Reverse Tuck End | L 2.31 x W 1.31 x H 3.56 inches Perfume Box



Straight Tuck

L 1.44" x W 1.38" x H 4.00" Perfume Box
Straight Tuck End | L 1.44 x W 1.38 x H 4.00 inches Perfume Box



Straight Tuck

L 2.25" x W 1.13" x H 4.38" Perfume Box
Straight Tuck End | L 2.25 x W 1.13 x H 4.38 inches Perfume Box



Straight Tuck

L 2.75" x W 1.25" x H 3.88" Perfume Box
Straight Tuck End | L 2.75 x W 1.25 x  H 3.88 inches Perfume Box



Two Piece

L 5.00" x W 2.75" x D 2.25" Perfume Box
Two Piece | L 5.00 x W 2.75 x D 2.25 inches Perfume Box



Two Piece

L 4.00" x W 3.75" x H 2.00" Perfume Box
Two Piece | L 4.00 x W 3.75 x H 2.00 inches Perfume Box



Tray & Sleeve

L 4.00" x W 4.00" x H 1.50" Perfume Box
Tray & Sleeve | L 4.00 x W 4.00 x H 1.50 inches Perfume Box



Tray & Sleeve

L 5.00" x D 3.75" x H 2.75" Perfume Box
Tray & Sleeve | L 5.00 x D 3.75 x H 2.75 inches Perfume Box



Mailer Box

L 5.00" x W 3.00" x H 2.00" Perfume Box
Mailer Box | L 5.00 x W 3.00 x H 2.00 inches Perfume Box



Any Shape

Any Size Box

Custom Box

Custom Box


A Large Variety of Materials, Coatings, & Add-ons Options To Enhance Your Personalized Perfume Boxes

It’s easy to express with the prints. All you need to do is opting the right colors, stock, shapes, embellishments, and a suitable printing technique. The following are the printing, stock, and add-on options you can select to make your packaging that can’t be UNNOTICED.

Lamination & Coating Options

Coating Options

  • Matte / Gloss Lamination
  • Varnish Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination
  • Aqueous Coating
  • And More
Material Options

Material Options

  • Recyclable White Paperboard
  • Recyclable Kraft Paperboard
  • Sturdy White Corrugated
  • Sturdy Kraft Corrugated
  • Premium Greyboard/Rigid
  • And More
Extensions & Add-ons Options

Addons Options

  • Diecuts/Window Cutouts
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Spot UV/Spot Gloss
  • And More

Product Specification


Perfume Boxes


Any Custom Size & Shape


Low Min to Start (100 - 100,000)


Offset Printing (CMYK, PMS), Digital, Screen Printing, No Printing (Blank)


3D Mockup, Flat View, On Request Physical Sampling

Turn Around:

4-8 Working Days (Rush Delivery), 10-15 Working Days (Standard Delivery)




Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Payoneer

High Visibility with Custom Perfume Boxes

It is possible to get precisely what you want – something custom, just made for your brand. Now you can build your own brand and customize your perfume boxes.

There are many ways to do this, so none of the basic goals are comprised even for a little while.

Custom packaging products are offered with a wide range of options to meet business requirements.

We can design unique and valuable custom perfume boxes for your valuable perfume bottles, following your brand and product theme.

The custom boxes help to showcase your fragrances, providing high visibility and promoting them at the right time.

We are here to support you at any point you feel yourself falling.

Impeccable Perfume Boxes

Our custom perfume boxes are crafted with care at our factory based in the USA and made from premium materials.

We primarily deal in cardboard, kraft, rigid and corrugated materials.

Our design custom fits the different products and is printed on sustainable paper with quality inks for a long-lasting beautiful smell.

Each box is unique looking, so no two boxes look exactly the same.

Materials Options for Your Perfume Boxes

Cardstock Material Options

At ZEE-Packaging, we offer a wide range of cardstock options for customizing your perfume boxes. Cardstock is the most popular material choice for packaging due to its versatility and durability. With our cardstock options, you can create a box in any shape or size, and choose from a variety of printing options to make your brand stand out. Additionally, we offer cardstock in a variety of colors to match your branding scheme perfectly. Browse our cardstock options today to find the perfect fit for your perfume packaging needs.

  1. SBS C1S:

  2. The Standard Cardstock option for your perfume box is a reliable choice for its strength and durability. It is able to withstand wear and tear while maintaining its appearance.

  3. SBS C2S:

  4. Introducing the upgraded version of our standard cardstock, the SBS C2S. This new version offers all the same great features as our original cardstock, but with added enhancements for even better quality. While it may be more expensive, it's worth the investment if you want the best possible results for your perfume box.

  5. CCNB

  6. Are you looking for a sleek and polished way to showcase your perfume bottles? Look no further than CCNB (clay-coated news back). This material offers a smooth and clean appearance, making it perfect for displaying your bottles in their boxes or on shelves. Plus, it comes with a clear coating on one side, allowing for easy printing of text and branding details. Upgrade your packaging with CCNB and make a lasting impression on your customers.

  7. Metalized:

  8. Using metalized cardstock paper is an effective way to create a visually striking box that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it! Instead of opting for plain white paper, choose this metallic paper to add an extra touch of elegance and flair to your design.

  9. Kraft:

  10. If you're looking for a sturdy and eco-friendly option for creating boxes, look no further than brown kraft paper. This material is perfect for creating simple yet durable boxes without any unnecessary embellishments. Additionally, kraft paper is 100% recyclable, making it a great choice for those who want to be mindful of their environmental impact.

  11. Holographic:

  12. If you're looking for an attractive packaging option for your perfume boxes, consider using holographic material. Not only does it add texture and visual appeal, but it also helps your product stand out among others on the shelves. You can apply this material to both the front and back covers of your perfume boxes for a cohesive look.

  13. Textured:

  14. Textured cardstock is an excellent choice for packaging your perfume box as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the paper and gives it a more realistic look. The texture on the cardstock creates the illusion of depth and can give the appearance of something being on top or beneath the surface. Additionally, the aged appearance of textured cardstock adds to its realism compared to other types of cardstock.

Corrugated Material Option:

The sturdy corrugated box is the perfect solution for those looking to store and ship their perfume bottles. With its durable, multi-layered design and two basic color options, it is both functional and stylish. Additionally, it is available in various sizes and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Made from high-quality materials, these boxes are built to last and ensure the safety of your fragrance.

  1. Natural Kraft Corrugated:

    Natural Kraft corrugated paper is a great choice for those looking for a natural, organic, and eco-friendly option. Made from recycled paper, this material is not only good for the environment, but it is also perfect for perfumes with a warm or earthy scent. Whether you're looking for a fragrance to wear during the summer months or just want to keep your perfume smelling fresh all day, Natural Kraft corrugated paper is a great choice.

  2. Bleached White Corrugated:

  3. If you're looking for an eco-friendly option that pairs well with floral scents, consider bleached white corrugated. This material boasts a sleek, white appearance that gives off a high-end vibe compared to other options like natural Kraft corrugated. Plus, its modern aesthetic makes it a great choice for showcasing on display areas or countertops.

Rigid Material Option:

This premium and luxury material is known for its hardness and beautiful appearance. It's perfect for decorating your perfume box and adds a touch of elegance. Additionally, it's incredibly durable, solid, and stable, providing excellent protection against any kind of damage or wear and tear. With various designs, colors, and patterns available, you're sure to find one that matches your personal style and needs.

  1. Grey Chipboard:

  2. When it comes to luxury perfume packaging, grey chipboard is the go-to option. This material is known for its durability and strength, making it a perfect choice to protect your delicate fragrance bottles. Its rigidity adds an extra layer of protection, and its premium looks make it an ideal choice for gifting and packaging luxury fragrances.

  3. Duplex Board:

  4. If you're working with a limited budget, the duplex board may be a great alternative to chipboard. While it is less expensive than grey chipboard, it still offers many benefits. A duplex board is made by gluing two sheets of material together to create a single, sturdy sheet with two sides. This means it is more durable than chipboard and can withstand exposure to moisture and high temperatures without bending or breaking. Additionally, the duplex board comes in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect option for your project.

Printing & Extra Options for Your Custom Perfume Boxes

Enhance the appearance of your perfume box with various decorating methods such as stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV, spot gloss, adding inserts, and window patching.

  • Hot Foil Stamping:

  • Hot foil stamping is a printing method that utilizes heat to create raised designs on the surface of your project. You can choose from a variety of foil colors such as silver, gold, and red to add a touch of elegance to your perfume boxes. This technique is perfect for adding attractive text and embellishments to your packaging.

  • Embossing/Debossing:

  • Embossing is a technique that involves creating a raised design on the surface of your project. This is done by applying heat or pressure with an embosser, which is similar to a hot foil stamping machine but uses an embosser instead of a blade. The result is a raised image that stands out and is visible when the project is completed.

  • Inserts:

  • Inserts are an excellent tool for incorporating a unique and personal touch to your perfume box. They can also be utilized to effectively organize and arrange your fragrance bottles.

  • Window Patching:

  • One fantastic strategy to enhance the appearance of your fragrance box is by incorporating a window on the front. This feature allows for even more customization options, adding extra depth and dimension to your perfume box.

  • More Embellishments

  • If you're in search of additional embellishments for your fragrance packaging, ZEE-Packaging has got you covered. With an array of options including handles, ribbons, and other decorative accents, your perfume box will become even more unique and special.

Premium Custom Perfume Packaging aka Designer Perfume Boxes By a Leading Manufacturer

Designer perfume boxes are in high demand and make an outstanding gift.

You can also use custom-made boxes to complement your brand logo for apt branding.

With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can create a beautiful container for your fragrances using our templates.

With our professional local and international experience, you can rest assured that we won't disappoint you.

We provide customized perfume boxes in small packing to protect the glass perfume bottles within.

With US You Can Customize Your Fragrance Packaging For Any Occasions & Ideas

Our custom perfume packaging services come in handy for all occasions, such as corporate gifting, promotional giveaways, and special events for your brand.

If you have an idea in mind, we have the skills and experience to bring it to reality.

We take pride in our custom perfume boxes, which are a great way to enhance packaging appeal and increase customer retention.

We are one of the leading suppliers of custom perfume packaging; we have a team of professionals who are highly skilled in designing and manufacturing different types of custom perfume boxes.

Bold, Beautiful, and Luxurious-Looking Custom-Designed Perfume Boxes By ZEE Packaging

Make a signature aromatic fragrance experience complemented by a bold, beautiful, and luxurious-looking custom-designed perfume box only with ZEE Packaging.

Add an extra dose of elegance and refinement to perfume with our exquisite custom perfume box designs.

All you need to do is choose the size, shape, color, and fabrication type that suits your need the most.