Terms and Conditions

Rev. 14/08/2022

As soon as an order is placed, all parties involved would be considered to automatically agree to the following:

Pre-Production Payment and Order Approval

  • Orders placed via the use of zeepackaging.com would only be confirmed, and move towards the production stage if and only if an advance total amount is deposited.
  • It is worth mentioning that the order you secured with us should be processed within 30 days from the payment you made. If for any reason you delay processing the order then after 30 days the cost might differ depending on new estimations.
  • When you place an order, you hereby confirm that all the information you managed is correct and authentic. This information might include your address as well as other information about your order like size, quantity, the type of printing, etc.


  • Before an order is placed, ZEE Packaging will send out proof showcasing the customer’s selected artwork and templates. This applies to pre-production situations only
  • Prior to final production, physical samples are readily available to view, but at a cost
  • ZEE Packaging will manufacture the product exactly like it showcases. As the Customer, you are responsible for sending designs that are print ready.
  • We’ll be more than happy and honored to assist our customers in the best way possible, but we won’t be responsible for the production of your orders placed with the wrong info provided by you.

Color Fidelity- Digital Artwork vs Physical Print

ZEE Packaging fully ensures that its prints are up to the standards laid down by the CMYK & Pantone. However, to make things clear, we still can’t guarantee complete and exact color fidelity, and cannot prevent any slight shifts in color either. Considering how a preview is displayed on a screen, we cannot guarantee an exact replication of the same color on the physical product.

Lead Times

Our turnaround times aren’t inclusive of transit as well as shipping times. The expected time you might receive from your sales rep is just an idea of when your order would be ready to leave our production facility.

Artwork Storage

ZEE Packaging doesn’t store customer information permanently. Everything is kept for up to a period of six months, after which it is deleted. Deleted information can’t be recovered in any way possible. 

Copyright Issues

  • When placing an order, you ensure that all information supplied is rightfully owned by you
  • You also agree to defend ZEE Packaging, including its officers, directors, employees, and shareholders from any possible lawsuits that might arise as a result of a direct breach of warranty. 

Content Must be Legal

When you confirm an order, you basically agree that you won’t provide us with unlawful and threatening content that possibly might:

  • Directly or indirectly invades someone’s privacy
  • Play a role in concealing a crime
  • Provokes treason as well as resists any law of the United States or laws in your country.
  • Is the embodiment of infringes upon trademarks, private property patent, copyright, etc. 

State of Physical Work Product

  • ZEE Packaging isn’t responsible for offering permanent warehousing and expects that any outstanding amount is paid within a decent time frame. 
  • After the passing of the first three months, we’ll charge you 5% of the total amount on a monthly basis. 
  • In cases of the payment not being made after the first year of the production of your order, we’ll simply dispose of it without offering a refund.

Shortages and Overages

We aspire to ship the total quantity ordered originally, but we reserve the right to ship out orders up to 100-pieces shortage per design version. In addition to this, you’d be compensated for any shortages in your next order or whenever you require. We can also refund you an amount equal to shortages.

Claims of Defect

  • No claim on goods greater than the quantity ordered shall be entertained
  • ZEE Packaging must be informed of defective goods within 14 days of the delivery. No claims shall be entertained after the passing of the specified time frame. 
  • If such a claim is made within the given time period, ZEE Packaging shall investigate the product in question
  • The size of the product may vary by up to 1mm depending on all dimensions
  • In case ZEE Packaging finds any defects in a delivered product, it would either fix the product or remanufacture it entirely.  Furthermore, ZEE Packaging reserves the right to ship the same product via courier of its own choice.

Limitation of Liability

To make things clear, the liability of ZEE Packaging shall be solely limited to the stated selling price of any defective goods. As a measure of security for any payments due, or them becoming due under the 5% rule, ZEE Packaging shall be liable to retain the possessions of the customer. 

Risk of Loss

As soon as the shipment reaches the hands of a courier service, the risk of loss would be entirely handed over to the customer. Furthermore, we would make it possible for the customers to add a signature requirement in an effort to completely avoid the risks of the property being stolen mid-delivery. On the other hand, we fully ensure the shipment, and the additional costs are added to the shipping bill. 

Changes to these Terms

ZEE Packaging reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check whether the terms have been amended before using our website or purchasing products from us. By using our website, you are deemed to have agreed to any updated terms. Customers who place an order would be therefore requested to accept the revised Terms and Conditions. 

Assignment of Contract

As long as the rights of the customers are not affected by these updated terms, ZEE Packaging has the right to transfer or dispose of any rights as well as obligations under these terms. 

Governing Law

The terms and conditions of this agreement are in accordance with NY state policies. Any dispute that arises between the customer and ZEE Packaging shall be resolved in accordance with these terms and conditions.