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Make Your Own Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes

Personalize your cigarette brand and transform a simple pack of cigarettes into something amazing. Get your own custom cigarette box and packaging with our easy ordering process. Get your own branded cigarette packs, showcasing your brand and logo shipped right to your door.

Custom Cigarette Boxes & Packaging to Elevate Your Business

Every cigarette manufacturer needs good branding for its business. So, how can you make your brand & product stand out? With custom printing & packaging, of course! Every cigarette brand looks for that extra edge in boosting sales in today's competitive market. A great strategy is to use cost-effective cigarette packaging solutions to create a stronger brand image and attract cigarette purchases.

Custom cigarette boxes and packaging can make all the difference for your business growth. We understand this and want to help you achieve your goals with custom-printed cigarette packaging and cartons. Printed Cigarette boxes make it easier for companies to create a brand identity on an international platform. Everyone is aware of how harmful smoking can be to health, but people still smoke cigarettes. So, how do you make your product look different? With custom printing, of course!

The best thing about printed box packaging is that you can use them for advertising purposes. You can also include all the vital information on the packaging. For instance, if you are manufacturing organic or herbal cigarettes, you may want to mention that on the box. This will help you attract more and more customers to your product and elevate your business in the long run.

Get Uniquely Designed Cigarette Boxes For Your Brand

The packaging of cigarettes has many functions: it provides protection for the cigarettes and keeps them fresh; it is also a means of promotion and marketing for the cigarette manufacturer. Cigarettes are usually packaged in boxes or cartons which the manufacturer has designed to be attractive and appealing to the customer. The boxes also contain information about the cigarettes, such as the ingredients and health warnings, along with promotional material such as images or slogans, which may influence buyers' decisions when choosing between different brands of cigarettes.

At ZEE Packaging, we offer a wide selection of customized Cigarette boxes, from custom cigarette case packages to custom cigarette cartons. These packaging products are made with high-quality materials and customized in several ways, including finishing and printing options. Our customized cigarette packs come with pre-made slots sized to fit standard US-sized cigarettes. These boxes can also be used for other tobacco products or fancy gift boxes.

Various Design and Style Options for Customized Cigarette Packaging

The market is full of different options for the design and style of these Cigarette boxes. You can use custom printing options to print any logo or message on these boxes and use different shapes and sizes for your convenience. This cardboard box can also be easily printed with any color that you wish without affecting its quality.

ZEE Packaging offers a diverse range of packaging designs for your cigarette packs. Therefore, you can choose any design style: from simple and strict to bright and unusual. The latter is more attractive for your consumers, so give preference to this type of packaging. Some of the main cigarette-box options are the following:

Cardboard Boxes

These are the most common types of cigarette packs used. They are made from cardboard and can be designed in various shapes and sizes.

Sleeve with a Square Base

This option is usually used for women's cigarettes. In addition, it is often decorated with decorative elements, such as rhinestones or ribbons. It is also imperative that it has an unusual shape and fits snugly in your hand;

Cigarette Box with a Rectangular Base

A cigarette pack with a rectangular base is the most common option. They are often decorated with embossing or other types of designs and embellishments.

Cylindrical Tube Cigarette Box

The cylindrical tube is a reasonably common packaging solution for cigarettes. It can be made of various materials and have various shapes inside, making this packaging solution very popular among consumers.

Slide and Shell Cigarette Box

A popular style of a cigarette pack is the slide and shell design. The entire outer box slides off to reveal an inner hinged lid with this style. This acts as a display case for the packets within. The inner lid is often made from fragile cardboard, which customers easily open, unlike a thicker box.

Oblong Cigarette Box

These boxes have an oblong shape and a unique flap, making them suitable for placing on shelves in stores. These boxes are customizable according to your brand requirements. They are stylish as well as economical.

Rectangular Cigarette Box

A rectangular cigarette pack is one of the most common types of Cigarette boxes used for this product. These boxes use various materials such as cardboard or paper, or kraft. These boxes have different shapes and dimensions that you can modify according to users' needs. You can use these boxes by printing different designs or using a window to show the brand.

Flip-top Cigarette Box

The flip-top box is a typical style among cigarette packs. They have covers on top that can easily be opened or closed by the users. These boxes are available in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. They can also be personalized with various finishes like gloss, matte, spot UV, etc.

Lift-the-dot Box

This is a common name for the style of fastener often used on cigarette packs; it consists of a series of small metal dots attached to one surface and fits into matching metal domes on another surface.

Clamshell (hard box)

This cigarette pack has a rigid cardboard box that folds together like an envelope; it usually has a separate lid and base.

4 Corner Seal Box

This cigarette box has four sides glued to the base of the box, which makes it look completely sealed from all sides. This type of packaging provides complete protection for the products you put inside it. It is easy to design as compared to other styles of cigarette packaging boxes.

Two-piece Window Cigarette Packaging

This cigarette box has two pieces. The top part is lift-off from the bottom part. The box has a window on the top while the bottom part is covered with proper material or paper. The bottom part can also be transparent, but it is not generally preferred because of its appearance.

Tuck End Window Cigarette Box

These are also known as tuck-top auto-bottom window box packaging. There is a flap on one side and a small piece on another side, making it look like a tuck-end box. There is a big rectangular-shaped window on one side which allows you to see through it.

Cutting–Edge Printing Techniques for Cigarette Box Packaging

The packaging of tobacco products is an essential element in the marketing of cigarettes. The goal of packaging is to attract customers and improve sales. Colored printing has long been a popular method for packaging cigarettes. Using colored printing techniques can significantly improve your brand image and make your product look more attractive. It is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to create eye-catching box packaging that can attract consumers' attention.

As a professional packaging manufacturer in the region, ZEE Packaging offers a broad range of printing options to make your customized cigarette packs stand out from the competition. Our different types of printing techniques include:

Offset Printing/Lithography

This is one of the most commonly used printing methods in the world. Offset printing is inexpensive compared to other methods and is suitable for large print runs. This type of printing produces a high-quality image and fast production time because it uses electronic plates that can be transferred to many pages at once. In addition, its high degree of accuracy makes it easier to reproduce similar designs multiple times.


Today, flexography is one of the best ways to print custom cigarette packaging, as it allows you to use different types of ink and create more vivid images than other types of printing. It can also be used on various surfaces such as paper or cardboard. However, this method is best suited for small print runs due to its relatively low speed and accuracy compared to offset printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing will usually have a lower quality print than litho or flexo-printed box packaging. It is done directly from the digital file and does not require a printing plate, as you would expect from offset printing. Digital printing is sometimes called 'on-demand' printing, as it can be done without printing large quantities in advance. This type of printing is suitable for smaller or urgent jobs that need to be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Gravure or Rotogravure Printing

It is an expensive process that utilizes a rotary press machine to produce high-quality, detailed images on a Cigarette-box at a lower speed than lithography. You can use this technique to print on various materials like metal and paper. The idea is to engrave your image onto a cylinder that transfers the image onto the material.

Innovative Cigarette Box Packaging Finishing Techniques

Customized cigarette box packaging is typically made from cardboard, but some newer ones are made from other materials. They are often printed with brand logos, colors, and other designs that make them appealing to customers. Many cigarette makers use visual designs that reflect trends in popular culture. However, some also use more classic themes such as nature scenes or images of famous people from past eras.

Printed Cigarette packaging is usually manufactured in small quantities by large printers or companies specializing in packaging materials. Some have special coatings or finishes applied after printing, making them resistant to damage or water absorption. At ZEE Packaging, we offer innovative finishing options to give your cigarette packaging a distinct look and feel and improve durability. From shiny finishes to matte ones, here are the finishing techniques we offer for cigarette box packaging:

Silver Foil/ Gold Foil

Foils are another way to make your box look more attractive and stunning. There are two types of foils: silver and gold. Gold foil gives a shiny look to your Cigarette pack, and it is often used for premium quality cigarettes. Silver foil is also used for giving a shiny look to Cigarette boxes, but it is often used by companies that sell high-quality cigarettes at reasonable prices.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination gives your box a glossy look that adds a touch of elegance to them. The gloss lamination adds an extra layer of protection to the packaging and makes it look more attractive. It gives your box packaging a more attractive look, which helps grab your customers' attention.

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination gives your box packaging a non-reflective appearance. It's smooth to the touch with no shine - giving your box an elegant look and feel. It will also protect your box from minor scratches, water, and grease. It prevents fingerprints from showing on the box's surface and makes images appear sharper. It makes your product smooth, elegant, and sophisticated looking.

Spot UV Lamination

Spot UV lamination is when you apply a glossy coating with a UV drying process in specific box areas. You can use this technique to highlight certain sections or designs on your cigarette box, making them stand out against the rest of the box. It adds depth and texture to some aspects of your designs without using multiple colors or effects.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossed/Debossed designs can add texture and depth to a design, and there is no need for ink, which can be expensive. These two techniques provide a 3D effect by using dies that press into paper or cardboard. When the printing plate pushes down on the packaging, it creates an embossed effect, and when it presses into the packaging, it provides a debossed effect. The process can be used on paper materials, making it one of the most versatile forms of finishing. These finishing techniques can help your company create a unique product that stands head and shoulders above its competitors. They also allow you to reflect your company's personality and style through the packaging itself. This helps customers identify who you are and what you stand for at a glance, which can help your brand image immensely.

Your Partner for Elegant, Premium Quality Cigarette Box Packaging

When you entrust us with your box packaging requirements, your product will be packaged in a way that conveys its value and quality to the customer. We guarantee that your customized box will be high-quality and make a lasting impression on your customers. Our specialty is creating bespoke designs that match your vision for your product. Our experienced creative designers will work with you every step of the way so that you can have complete confidence in what we produce for you.

Our extensive, state-of-the-art printing equipment and skilled workers ensure that your cigarette box packaging is manufactured to the highest standards. Our fresh, modern designs and eye-catching graphics will help you stand out from the crowd. We produce a wide range of stylish, long-lasting Cigarette boxes. You can choose from a variety of materials to suit any budget.

We strive to provide our clients with only the best premium-quality packaging solutions at wholesale prices. Our custom cigarette boxes are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. With our quick turnaround times and low minimums, ZEE Packaging is the perfect partner for your next cigarette packaging project!