Your Products Deserve the Best Presentation and Packaging, So Why not Design Your Own Custom Printed Product Packaging?

Custom printed product box packaging is an affordable, effective and efficient way of being seen. It has many advantages such as appealing to customers, providing valuable information about your product and company, improving the quality and appearance of products, showing that your company cares about its customer, and making buyers more inclined to buy your product.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Our Elegant and Durable Product Packaging

Product boxes are the most commonly used boxes for product packaging. You can also use custom product boxes for less fragile items like clothes or t-shirts. Product boxes are an essential part of any type of business, including retail and eCommerce businesses. This is because the products with a product box on them look more appealing and professional.

The right product boxes can create a feeling of anticipation, excitement, and trust in your brand. The wrong ones can damage your products and ruin the customer experience. These boxes are highly customizable and can be designed in any shape, size, and style. Product packaging is essential for several reasons:

  • ➤ It provides an attractive case for your product.
  • ➤ It provides a way to present and protect your product.
  • ➤ It enhances the value of your product.

A custom-printed product box is efficient to promote your brand and ensure your products stand out. If you're shipping a product or sending it out for display at a trade show, custom product boxes are a great way to draw attention to your business.

Boxes can be custom-printed with your company's logo and design scheme. A variety of finishes and colors suit your brand's image, while materials such as foam inserts can keep products safe during transportation. A well-designed product box will also enhance the sales experience and help your products stand out on the shelf or in the catalog.

These boxes can easily be embellished with ribbons, bows, tissue paper, or crinkle paper. Customers will appreciate the extra care you took to ensure that their purchase was protected while in transit. Our custom shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so you can create the perfect packaging for your product. We can make the perfect box for your business no matter what industry you're in.

At ZEE Packaging, we offer a wide variety of product boxes to help you grow your business. We have different product boxes for each business industry. We can manufacture custom-printed product boxes in any shape and size that perfectly fits your product. We have a team of highly skilled designers who can design product packaging boxes according to your specifications. Don't have any idea what your box should look like? Let our talented designers do some magic for you and design product packaging to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Broad Array of Shapes and Design Choices for Product Packaging

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be considering how to package your product when it comes time to sell. Designing a product box is all about creating a package that will protect the product and make it easy to transport and attractively present it to potential buyers. Below are some of the most common types of product packaging used by different businesses.

Folding Cartons

These are the most common type of product box because they are cheap to print and ship flat, saving you money on postage and storage costs until they're ready to be used. They can also be customized with windows to see part of your product through them, always gorgeous when selling small items like chocolate bars or other impulse buys in stores.

Flat-packed Boxes

Flat-packed product boxes come in small panels that you fold together to create the box itself. This makes them very easy to store, but it can be time-consuming to pack large volumes by hand. However, many businesses use machines called "automatic case erectors" to quickly fold flat-packed boxes like these into shape.

Cube Boxes

The most popular shape for a product box is the cube. They can be left as is or customized in various ways, but they're great for creating a clean, professional look for your products.

Classic Rectangular Product Box

The classic rectangular box is one shape for product packaging. This type of packaging is most commonly used for items shipped or sold in bulk to retailers. There are also many variations on this basic shape, including boxes shaped like houses or animals. Boxes can also look like other objects, such as trees or even people. These product packaging styles tend to be more expensive than plain rectangular boxes because they require more material and more time to manufacture.

Rigid Mailers

Rigid mailers are product boxes made from corrugated cardboard but don't have an attached lid. You can use these mailers for smaller items or even ship fragile items like glass or artwork. The downside is that they typically require some sort of tape or glue to keep them closed.

Tuck Top with Auto Bottom Style

This product box is made using strong cardboard material to ensure durability and reliability. It has a tuck top with an auto-bottom style that makes it easy for you to open it up when needed. This type of product box can also be ideal for packaging products like food items, bakery items, retail products, gift items, and many more.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC) Boxes

Regular slotted containers are also known as regular slotted cases (RSC). They are highly demanded product boxes, mainly when they're used to ship products by mail or some other type of carrier service. Their name refers to their design: Each box has a top flap and a bottom flap that overlap, forming a 1-inch lip all around the edges. The flaps meet at slots cut into the cardboard on each side panel and the end panels. The slotted sides make it easy to use tape or glue to close the boxes.

Cylinder Boxes

These boxes are great for items that need to stand upright, like candles or bottles. They can also be used for items that feature vibrant patterns or images. Cylinder boxes give consumers the ability to see the product before opening it. This can help increase brand awareness and sales.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes have the same benefits as cylinder boxes without taking as long to assemble. These are great for small items like packaged food or medicine. Sleeve boxes also tend to be more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging because they require less material to produce.

Display Boxes

These boxes are designed to be stacked or lined up in a store with other products. These product boxes are often used for snack foods, such as potato chips, chocolates, or granola bars.

Briefcase-style Boxes

These boxes are designed to open like a briefcase, revealing the contents inside in an organized fashion. This type of product packaging is often used for stationery sets or art supplies. We provide different styles, shapes, and sizes of product boxes that are suited to a variety of businesses, including

  • ➤ Electrical item
  • ➤ Books/magazines/brochures/DVDs etc.
  • ➤ Toys, games, and hobbies
  • ➤ Health and beauty products
  • ➤ Cosmetics
  • ➤ Clothes
  • ➤ Jewelry

We provide quality printing on our product boxes; this includes spot UV varnish, embossing, and foil blocking. We also do special finishes such as die-cutting and window patches. Our sales team will help you choose the most suitable combination of options for your business needs.

Innovative Printing Techniques to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Product Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important parts of marketing your brand's products. It plays a significant role in ensuring that your products stand out and attract more customers than others. If you want to make sure that your products don't just get blended into the competition, then you need to consider printing techniques that can enhance the aesthetics of your product packaging boxes. ZEE Packaging offers the most innovative printing techniques for your product box packaging.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a good technique for producing high-quality printing results. It helps make your product packaging boxes look attractive as it provides bright colors and excellent clarity. This technique also provides resilience against fading. Digital printing is an affordable option that makes use of digital data better than other traditional ways of printing products. With the help of digital printing, you can print small graphics, text, or images with great precision. Our designers can create custom-designed boxes using digital printing according to their preferences.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is another common type of printing technique used for producing custom printed boxes. It is also called lithography, which involves the transfer of ink from a plate onto a rubber blanket, then rolling it over the item that has to be printed on. Offset printing is best suited for large-scale production because it is less expensive than other printing techniques such as inkjet and laser printers. It takes time to set up, but it can create thousands of printed products at an affordable cost per unit.


It is also known as a flexo print, one of the most advanced techniques used by today's packaging industry. It uses water-based inks that can be easily printed on rough surfaces like plastic packaging or brown cardboard boxes. It can be used to print small quantities of boxes at cost-effective rates because it is one of the fastest methods compared to offset printing. Offset lithography is more effective for the large-scale production of custom-printed boxes at affordable prices.

Screen Printing

This technique provides highly detailed results for printing designs on product boxes. Depending on your requirements, it is helpful for printing images with spot colors in large numbers or small quantities.

Broad Array of Finishing Options to Make Your Product Packaging Distinct

Every company wants to make its products more distinct from competitors in the highly competitive business world. Therefore, they pay special attention to product packaging boxes and use different finishing options. It is an excellent solution because it adds value to your product by giving it a distinct look, feel, or texture that differentiates your brand. Here are some standard finishing options that can make packaging boxes more compelling and unique:


Lamination is a coating applied to the outside surface of your box. It can be gloss, dull or matte, textured or smooth, depending on your specifications or product requirements. The coating protects the surface of the board and increases durability and strength.


Embossing is an effective technique to make product packaging boxes more distinctive. It creates a three-dimensional effect on the boxes, making them visually appealing. It also helps companies in making their brand message prominent. Embossed text or graphics get noticed by consumers easily, thus ensuring higher brand recall. This technique offers endless design possibilities for companies. They can use any design, pattern, or text as per their choice and make their packaging unique.


Debossing is another popular finishing option used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of custom-printed product boxes. This technique creates an indentation in the material, which can be felt by touching the box surface. It is also known as blind embossing, and it does not require ink for printing designs or text on the boxes. Many companies use this technique to print their logos and branding messages on product boxes as it allows them to give a sophisticated look.

Spot UV Coating

Spot UV coating involves applying UV gloss coating at specific places on the surface of the product packaging box. The technique is usually combined with matte lamination to create eye-catching effects by contrasting glossy and dull surfaces on a single package area. Spot UV coating can highlight substantial portions of the text and logos and brand names.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a finishing technique that uses heat to press metallic foil onto the surface of a print product. The metallic look of foil stamping gives it an elegant quality that's perfect for luxury products or simply for making your packaging more memorable to your customers. Foil stamping can also be used with embossing and debossing techniques to make the most of your design. It can be done in various colors, including metallic shades like silver or gold and bright colors like red or blue.

Custom Cutouts/Die-cuts

Custom cutouts/die-cuts in the boxes are a great way to elevate your design and make it stand out against your competitors. Diecuts allow you to create unique shapes for windows, handles, and openings in your box without any ugly tabs or flaps from glue spots. The custom die-cut box is the perfect packaging solution for your unique and innovative products. We offer die-cut in all sizes using a corrugated board or cardboard material. These custom-printed die-cut boxes will enhance the look of any product displayed inside them.

Why Partner with ZEE Packaging for Your Product Packaging Needs?

Being one of the leading packaging companies, we provide you with a wide range of product boxes at wholesale prices. We offer custom-printed product boxes manufactured with top-quality material and the latest printing techniques.

We offer you various materials, shapes, sizes, and design options. At ZEE Packaging, we will help you choose the suitable material that suits your needs, whether it is cardboard, paperboard, or corrugated stock. We can also deliver them in custom shapes according to your specifications, even if they are unusual.

Whether you are looking for a custom product box or any other product packaging solution, we are your ultimate destination. We use the latest technologies and processes to manufacture durable and stylish packaging boxes.

We have the best team of designers and engineers who can design and manufacture boxes that not only meet your company's requirements but also suit your budget. Our staff is highly experienced and will take care of everything related to the box designing and manufacturing process so that you don't have to face any hassle at all. The latest technology gives us an edge over our competitors regarding speed and accuracy. Our products have been used by many famous brands across the world. Our product boxes have helped brands to make their products sell quickly on the market. We offer free shipping across the country, no matter how many packaging boxes you buy from us.