Custom Display Packaging: The Perfect Way to Show Off Your New Products on POP/POS Counters!

ZEE-Packaging specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom-printed display boxes for retail, cosmetic, bakeries, and food industries. Our team has more than a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing cardboard packaging solutions that are perfect for all your display needs!

Display Your Products Creatively with Our Custom Display Boxes

Displaying products is always a challenging task for business owners. You have to make sure that the product is placed so that it can catch the customer's attention. When you promote your product, you will need something unique and attractive.

Display box packaging is a cardboard box that has been designed so that it can be used to display the product while they are kept on the shelf. These boxes are generally used to display products like bakery items, confectionery items, chocolates, cupcakes, and other food items.

These boxes are manufactured using cardboard or corrugated stock for durability and rigidity. Display packaging is made to hold several products displayed in the supermarket, hypermarkets, departmental stores, and other retail shops. These boxes usually have windows that help customers to have a glimpse of the products inside.

High-Quality Display Packaging to Make the Right Impression

Our high-quality display packaging is the perfect way to get your product noticed. These custom-printed boxes for display are ideal for trade shows, promotions, and retail shelf displays. Our display packaging enhances the visual appeal of your products and is capable of maximizing the shelf life of your products. We provide you with a wide range of amazing designs for your display packaging, appropriate for different occasions and purposes. Additionally, we offer various materials and finishing options to help you make an impression.

Our display box packaging is widely used in retail stores for displaying different kinds of products. They are extremely useful for increasing brand awareness and increasing sales. You can use these boxes effectively for highlighting your brand logo, colors, and other promotional details about your product or business.

We offer our customers a broad array of shapes, sizes, and colors for their display packaging. You can select from our standard range or give us a custom shape and size to suit your specific needs. Our display packaging will create a buzz about your products and add value to the brand image. Custom boxes for display will help you market your products effectively. Our remarkable collection of display boxes lets you choose from different colors and designs, allowing you to enhance your brands' visual appeal and make them stand out from other products on the shelf.

Assortment of Styles and Shapes of Display Packaging to Boost Your Brand Sales

Retailers use display box packaging to promote products in a way that catches the eye of potential customers. They are designed as attention-grabbing boxes with bolder colors and more graphics than regular packaging. Display packaging might be used for various products, including food and beverage items, health and beauty products, electronics, games, and toys.

Retail display packaging is designed to make life easier for both sellers and buyers. Potential customers will be drawn to the colorful design of custom display packaging. At the same time, retailers will often find it easier to organize their stock and keep track of what they have available.

Our display box packaging is made from strong, durable cardboard to be confidently used for both retail displays and purposeful, long-lasting storage.

Countertop Display Boxes

These are small display units designed to sit on a countertop or table. Countertop displays can be cardstock or corrugated cardboard and can be folded flat for transportation. They may also be made of wood or plastic and feature graphics on the exterior rather than showing the actual products inside.

Floor Displays

Floor displays are often large cardboard structures that can hold numerous products. They tend to be placed at the center of an aisle or near the entrance or exit of a shop, so they are visible from anywhere in the store. Floor displays also come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, which can be customized to suit any situation.

Shelf Displays

These displays have been used for decades to store products such as cereals and other packaged items. They can be made from cardboard or paperboard in different sizes to accommodate merchandise with varying dimensions (length x width x height).

Sleeve Display Box with a Fitted Base

Sleeve boxes with a fitted base are an ideal solution for showcasing products that need to be lifted out from the box - these boxes are perfect for any product that needs to be handled directly by customers before purchase.

Lift-off lid Display Box Packaging

Lift-off lid boxes have a hinged lid that lifts to reveal the product inside. These kinds of boxes are excellent solutions if you want your packaging to look like a gift hamper or gift box, or if you need a box that can be opened without wrecking the packaging itself (for example, if you're making a kit that needs to be used more than once).

Fold-flat Display Box

Fold-flat boxes make great countertop displays - they're easy to use and can be set up in seconds. You can also choose whether to have these printed on all sides or just one side depending on your needs and preferences.

Rigid Boxes

A rigid display box comes with extra layers of cardboard glued together to make them more rigid than other styles. These boxes can be used as gift packaging or product display containers that provide an upscale look with their sturdy structure. Rigid box packaging is often used for luxury items such as watches, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Cube Shaped Display Box

This display box is mainly used for retail packaging or displaying small items in shops and stalls. You can also use these custom-printed boxes for storing or presenting your merchandise. These display boxes can be made using kraft paper, cardboard, or corrugated board material, depending on the need of your product. These cube-shaped display packaging boxes can also be customized according to your needs like you can add a transparent window on the front side so that the consumers can see what is inside without opening up the box completely.

Window Display Box

Display boxes with windows are one of the most popular types of display box packaging out there. Windows gives shoppers a chance to see the product inside without opening the package. This way, they can look at what they're buying and make sure they want it before they purchase it. Windows also make it easy for store employees to restock products without opening each package.

Rectangular Display Packaging Boxes

These rectangular-shaped display packaging boxes are very common in use. They are generally made using cardboard material printed with catchy colors and images to make them more attractive to customers. These rectangular-shaped packages are very useful for displaying products like cosmetics, footwear, clothes, etc.

Square Shaped Display Packaging Boxes

Similar to rectangular display packaging boxes, these square-shaped display packaging boxes are also used as promotional tools by various companies and brands. They greatly impact onlookers due to their unusual shape and size.

Pillow Display Box

Pillow boxes are best for products that are small in size and have no major functional requirements. The pillow shape of these boxes is eye-catching, and your customers will notice them instantly on the shelves. These are great for holding accessories, chocolates, and candies.

Tote Display Boxes

The tote boxes can also be used as gift packaging or to store items that need protection from damage. For example, if someone buys a new phone in the box packing, it may not have much protection, so they would like something extra around it, so that doesn't happen again.

ZEE Packaging can design and manufacture your custom retail displays from start to finish using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We can provide various materials for your specific needs, including corrugated, paperboard, plastic, and wire displays. Our high-speed die-cutting lines allow us to produce countertop displays, floor displays, shippers, display boxes, and many other displays at competitive prices with quick turnaround times. Our innovative designs will help you get noticed by customers and stand out from other companies on the shelves!

Maximize Attractiveness of Your POP/POS Counters with Custom Display Boxes

Display boxes are usually used for showcasing products in stores or malls. You can easily attract your customers to your products by using these display packages in different sizes and shapes. If you want to promote your brand name or logo on the product boxes, this is also possible. We, at ZEE Packaging, can provide all types, designs, colors, and shapes of display packaging according to your needs. Whether you need a big display box or a small one, we can arrange it. Our custom-printed boxes are ideal for creating brand awareness at trade shows and industry events and also make for a unique gift to friends/family.

These boxes are usually made up of cardboard material, but in some cases, Kraft paper is also used for making these boxes. Here at ZEE Packaging, we offer multiple printing techniques for your display boxes. Following are some of the printing techniques which we offer:

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a method used for high-volume printing where images are transferred from metal plates to rubber mats that transfer images onto paper. This type of printing is best for high-volume printing of up to 10,000 pieces or more at an affordable price tag but requires long setup times since metal plates must be created from scratch for every new design.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for small production runs, quick turnaround times, and multiple SKUs. Digital has excellent color accuracy, vibrant colors, and crisp details, making it the perfect choice for high-resolution graphics and photographs. With digital printing, we can print one box at a time without additional setup or plate costs. While digital is great for large areas of solid ink coverage and complex graphics, the ink isn’t as durable as flexographic ink, so we don’t recommend using it on areas subject to frequent handling or long-term use. We print directly from digital files or PDFs onto the material, allowing you to turn around your next order with little lead time quickly.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a widely used process that applies ink to corrugated material via a flexible relief plate. It is ideal for medium to large runs since there are no setup fees associated with the plates. Flexo printing is best suited for detailed graphics, halftones, and continuous tones in solid or spot colors (like Pantones). Since flexo ink is more durable than digital ink, it’s ideal for applications that will be frequently handled or used over an extended period.


Letterpress is one of the oldest types of printing. It uses relief printing to create an image on paper or cardstock by pressing it into the surface with ink. As with lithography, letterpress requires metal plates, so it is not recommended for high-volume runs or irregular surfaces since they can damage the plates easily. It works best when you have a flat surface to work with and need higher contrast between colors.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great way to achieve vibrant color saturation and excellent details for your display packaging print jobs because it allows for heavy ink coverage without compromising quality. This type of printing is ideal for specialty boxes and packaging and displays for products such as cosmetics or wine bottles that need a high level of detail and brilliant color.

Stylize Your Display Box Packaging with Awe-Aspiring Finishing Choices

To make your product stand out from the crowd, it is important to use desired finishing option for your display box packaging, which will help in increasing the sale of your product and increase brand value in the market. There are various finishing options available that you can use to make your display box packaging exceptional:


The most common finishing option for display box packaging is lamination. Many types of laminations are available in the market, such as matte and shiny lamination. These laminations protect the boxes from moisture and dust.

UV or Spot UV Coating

This coating is also a good solution for display box packaging that makes your product more attractive and eye-catching. UV coating is applied at particular spots on the box as per customer requirements. This coating also protects the boxes from moisture and dust.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is also a good solution for display boxes because it can provide protection against moisture and dust in the boxes. The aqueous coating can also be applied at particular spots on the box as per a customer's requirement, but in this case, it will cost you more than other options.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process that uses heat, metal dies, and foil film to apply metallic or pigment foil on various materials, including paper and cardboard. Foil stamping gives your boxes a more professional-looking finish so they stand out on the shelves. Different colors like gold, silver, and bronze are usually used for this purpose.

Embossing & Debossing

Display boxes can be embossed or debossed with logos and other important details of your brand to make them prominent and eye-catching. This is done by pressing the hot foil stamping die into the surface of the box, which gives it an elevated or depressed effect depending upon whether you want to emboss or deboss. Gold and silver foils are used mostly because they look more attractive on display packaging.

Die-cut window

Turning the packaging into a frame of sorts, a die-cut window is a cut-out section that shows part of the product inside. Apt for products that can be easily shown off like food or toys, a window helps consumers get a clear idea of what they are actually buying. On the display box, the window allows the consumer to see the product in its entirety. This is especially useful when giving gifts as it allows the recipient to see what's inside without opening it up first.

ZEE Packaging is the leading company providing display packaging with the best quality and services. Whether you are looking for custom printed displays, point-of-sale displays, or stock display packaging, we have the right solution for you! Our expertise extends to all types of display packaging, including custom rigid boxes and paperboard boxes with magnetic closures. Our custom display packaging solutions are versatile enough for any product or situation and can be customized to fit your marketing strategy in almost any environment.

Whether you want a small number of display boxes or a large production run, our team can help you design your display box and advise you on the most cost-effective materials. We can create and manufacture bespoke display packaging that matches exactly what you had in mind. When it comes to displaying packaging, ZEE is the professional!