Custom Cannabis Concentrate Box Packaging ideas

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Boxes ideas

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Cannabis concentrates, commonly referred to as cannabis extracts, are significantly more potent than your standard cannabis buds. There are many different types of cannabis concentrates, including shatter, live resin, crumble wax, dabs, hash, and budder. The main difference between these products is their consistency and texture. Some concentrates are thick and gooey, while others are hard like glass but easily breakable. Concentrates boxes and packaging needs to keep the product fresh and safe for consumption. Whether you are producing shatter or rosin, your packaging should be able to protect your product from contamination and degradation.

Moreover, careful packaging is essential, so that the customers can see that you take your business seriously. For branding and packaging, you need to make sure that your custom concentrate packaging is unique and innovative. Your customers make decisions about whether they want to purchase from you within moments of seeing your product packaging. So it’s vital to make an impression.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Box Ideas by ZEE Packaging

You can sell more products because people will be able to see what’s inside without having to open up the box first or even pull out any items inside due to lack of visibility. They will be able to see through clear plastic wrap or other transparent packaging styles like windows cut on concentrate boxes designed specifically so consumers know exactly what they’re buying. If you fail to pack your product in premium quality concentrate jar packaging boxes, it could affect their shelf life, potency, and sales.

Unique Concentrate Jar Box Packaging ideas

concentrate packaging idea for glass jar  - ZEE-01
Concentrate Jar Packaging idea ZEE-01

If you are looking for some cannabis concentrate jar packaging ideas, then you have come to the right place. Cannabis concentrate jar box packaging is perfect for protecting your product while still showing off its unique qualities. There are multiple different types of packaging that are used for concentrates jars.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging idea for glass jars - ZEE-02
Concentrate Packaging idea ZEE-02

Cannabis concentrate jar packaging can be as simple as a jar with a label or a more complex folding carton that includes custom accessories like a dosing tool or CO2 oil cartridge. The concentrate box packaging needs to be stylish, sleek, and functional. The package should be appealing and easy to use for people on the go who want to relax and enjoy their special cannabis product.

Concentrate Packaging idea for glass jar - ZEE-03
Concentrate Jar Packaging idea ZEE-03

The concentrate jar packaging comes in many different colors and styles so you can find something that will complement any color scheme that you have created with your other promotional items. The concentrate jar boxes come in a variety of sizes so they can easily fit into any size jar or container that you need them to fit into.

Cannabis Concentrate Shatter Packaging

Shatter concentrate envelope packaging is one of the best options for your cannabis shatter concentrate. These mailer envelopes are also suitable for cannabis edibles and other cannabis-related products.

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate that looks like honey or amber in color. It gets its name from the fact that it tends to break into pieces, or “shatter” when dropped. Shatter often has a high THC percentage and can be used to make topical products like lotions and balms. Checkout shatter envelopes packaging ideas:

Shatter Concentrate Packaging Envelopes

Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging idea ZEE-04
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging En ZEE-04
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-05
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-05
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-06
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-06
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging idea ZEE-07
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-07
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging idea ZEE-08
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-08
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-09
Concentrate Shatter Envelope Packaging ZEE-09

And shatter jars are typically packaged in small, rectangular containers that are easy to open, store and carry around. That makes them perfect for dispensaries looking to offer top-quality shatter products to their customers.

The most popular and commonly used shatter box is the standard box with a tuck top. This box is simple and rectangular. It has a tuck top that can be used to close the box and open it again when required to take out the product. The tuck top makes this type of shatter box easy to use but you can also add some other features to make it more functional.

You can add a tear notch on one side of the box so it can be easily opened by pulling away at that notch. You can also add an auto-locking feature that makes it easier to close and reopen the package as well as lock it securely once closed. Shatter concentrate box packaging is used to display the shatter and other concentrates uniquely and innovatively. Customization is the main feature of these concentrate jar boxes. It can be customized in any shape, size, style, or color according to your wish and desire.

shatter Jar Concentrate Packaging Box ZEE-10
Shatter Packaging Box ZEE-10

Another type of shatter concentrate box packaging is custom boxes with a tuck top or a lid. These boxes are similar to standard tuck boxes but they have an extra lid on top that can be used to seal the contents inside securely after taking them out. Here are some useful ideas to improve your shatter concentrate jar packaging with unique printing and finishing options:

Keep it simple: Shatter concentrate is a sticky product, so the last thing you want is a package that’s difficult to open. A tear notch and perforated tab make opening your package easy for customers.

Add variety: With so many cannabis brands on the market, it can be hard for your customers to remember you if your packaging isn’t unique. Try custom box shapes or consider adding a window to showcase your shatter concentrate. You can also use custom finishes — like embossing or foil stamping — to add an extra edge to your design that’ll help it look more professional and help you stand out when placed next to other brands on the shelf.

Don’t forget the details: Even something as small as a custom sticker on your shatter packaging can help increase brand awareness, especially if you’re planning to release new products in the future and need something easy for customers to identify right away.

Cannabis Concentrate Crumble Packaging

Crumble is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates that is used for medical purposes. Crumble is known as honeycomb because it resembles a honeycomb in shape and color. Crumble is made by purging liquid butane from marijuana plant extracts that leave behind a yellowish, crumbly substance. You should use quality packaging boxes to preserve its freshness so that you can use it in different ways and enjoy its taste whenever you want.

Concentrate Crumble Packaging for jar - ZEE-11
Concentrate Crumble Packaging ZEE-11

Crumble concentrates often come in small containers that contain about one gram of marijuana concentrate. These containers usually have lids on them so people can store their crush for later use without worrying about it drying out or getting contaminated by something else in the container.

A lot of dispensaries prefer this type of box because they are very easy to deal with. Crumble concentrate boxes are specially designed to protect your product from being damaged during shipping. These boxes come with a smaller-sized container that is inserted at the back of the box. This keeps the container safe while also giving you space to add more information about your product on the front panel.

Crumble concentrate packed in crumble concentrate box is more popular among the customers because it’s convenient and discreet. It also allows people to buy only what they need without wasting money on large quantities at once as they might with oil cartridges.

CBD Concentrate Packaging box for jar - ZEE-12
Concentrate Jar Packaging ZEE-12

The crumble concentrate jar packaging boxes are made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand even the harshest conditions without any problem. Your products will be completely safe and secure when they arrive at their destination. These types of boxes also come with special features that help keep them from breaking or cracking during transit. This ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your customers receiving damaged goods.

With custom printing techniques, you can enhance the appearance of the crumble concentrate box with unique printing and finishing options and make it look more attractive to consumers. You can consider some of these options:

  • Labels and Stickers:  For a low-cost, low-involvement way to brand your crumble containers, use a label or sticker. You can even personalize them with your customer’s name or another variable like strain type.
  • Full-Color Printing: If you want to create something more durable and attractive, full-color offset printing can put your design on anything from glass jars to plastic containers. A full-color label can also be applied to any concentrate box style.
  • Embossing/Debossing:  Adding dimensional effects like embossing or debossing can make your packaging pop. This kind of finishing is best suited for labels or stickers that will be applied to a container instead of directly printing on it.

Cannabis Concentrate Wax Packaging

Wax Jar Concentrate Packaging Box ZEE-13
Concentrate Wax Packaging ZEE-13

One of the most popular cannabis concentrates is CBD wax. This is a gooey substance that resembles a yellow or amber wax. It can come in a variety of forms including sugar-like crystals, honeycomb-like fabrics, or an amorphous solid form, also known as crumble or honeycomb. The main ingredient in wax is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol.

Wax Concentrate Packaging Box for jar - ZEE-14
Concentrate Wax Packaging ZEE-14

To increase your sales, you need to make your customers feel comfortable with the product and its packaging. For example, if you sell cannabis wax concentrate, you need to create a package that will keep them safe from contamination and breakage. Here we created a list of creative ideas to package the cannabis wax concentrate:

Wax Containers made from Silicone

Silicone is a perfect material for storing cannabis concentrates because it’s non-toxic and food grade. Also, silicone doesn’t have a static charge, so nothing will stick to it. The only problem with silicone containers is that they can get dirty easily. You can solve this problem by making the containers in any color and even making them glow in the dark!

Cannabis Wax Packaging with Your Company Logo

If you want to stand out among other brands, create custom-made packaging with your company logo on it. This way you will make your brand recognizable among other companies by creating a more personal touch with each customer.

Glass Containers

 Glass containers can be used to package your concentrates in many different ways. Some people prefer the classic look of glass while others want something more modern or unique; regardless of which style you prefer there are options available for everyone!

Plastic Bags

 Plastic bags are another option for packaging your concentrates because they offer an easy way to seal up any content without having to worry about leaks or spills like with bottles or jars. You’ll also find that these types of bags come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s possible to get exactly what you need no matter what size product you’re trying to store!

Paper Bags

Paper bags can also be used for wax concentrate jar packaging if you want something that looks more natural than plastic but isn’t quite as fragile as glass. If this type of bag feels too flimsy then consider using a box instead.

Enhance the look with Printing and finishing options

Printing and finishing options like lamination and varnish add color and durability to your concentrate jar packaging. Matte lamination is a popular choice that gives boxes a soft, touchable finish. Glossy laminations add shine and texture to boxes. Spot UV varnish is another way to create texture on surfaces.

Cannabis Concentrate Dab Packaging

Concentrate Dab Packaging Box ZEE-15
Dab Packaging ZEE-15

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates available today that vary in potency, texture, and production methods. Dab is one of those concentrates. Dabs are a sticky wax-like product that is smoked. The name comes from the fact that users take “dabs” of the concentrate onto their nails by using a dabber. Waxes and shatters both fall under this category. The dab concentrate box packaging will keep your concentrates safe and secure, while also allowing you to brand them to sell them more easily.

Concentrate Dab Packaging Box ZEE-16
Dab Packaging ZEE-16

Cannabis dab concentrate box packaging is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can choose any style and design for your packaging according to the bud you are selling. The material for these boxes can be anything that you like such as cardboard, plastic, eco-friendly materials, and even glass. For example, you can opt for Kraft paper boxes with foil stamping to give them a premium feel. Or, if you want something more modern and sleek, you can go ahead with a spot UV-finished box.

Here are some dab concentrate jar packaging ideas for your consideration:

  • Packaging is printed with a child-resistant exit device that does not require a special opening tool, such as a tool or key, to access the contents of the package.
  • Concentrate jar packaging that is opaque and resealable so that its contents are not visible without opening the packaging.
  • Concentrate box packaging that contains a label with a unique identifier that allows for independent verification of the identity and authenticity of the product through testing, including testing for contaminants or potency levels, at any stage of distribution or sale.
  • Concentrate packaging that is tamper-evident and has an indicator or mechanism that, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers when tampering has occurred after dispensing from a licensed retail store or microbusiness.

Inserts and partitions

You can also use various inserts and partitions in your dab container to enhance the customer experience. The insert should be designed specifically for the product to ensure its safe delivery.

Various closure styles

You can choose from various types of closure mechanisms for these boxes as well, such as tuck ends or magnet closures. It is best to consult an experienced packaging manufacturer that has worked with other cannabis brands before so they know exactly what you are looking for.

Concentrate Packaging Stickers & Labels

One of the most popular ways to display concentrates is with stickers. These are placed on the outside of container boxes, often with a clear window so consumers can see through to the contents inside. Sticker labels can be designed in several interesting shapes and colors. Here are some concentrate jar labels and stickers from our portfolio:

Concentrate Jar Labels & Stickers ZEE-17
Concentrate Jar Labels & Stickers ZEE-17
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-18
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-18
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-19
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-19
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-20
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-20
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-21
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-21
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-22
Concentrate Jar Label & Sticker ZEE-22

Cannabis Concentrate Live Resin Packaging

Concentrate Live Resin Packaging ZEE-23
Live Resin Packaging ideas ZEE-23

Cannabis live resin is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates and for a good reason. Live resin tends to have very high terpene content (the molecules in the plant that are responsible for its flavor, smell, and effect). In addition, it has very high cannabinoid content. With its growing popularity, companies need to have proper branding and packaging to attract customers. Here are some unique live resin concentrate jar packaging ideas for your help:

 Customized Concentrate Packaging

Several different companies offer customizable packaging for their products. They can create custom boxes, bags, or containers depending on your product specifications. These come in a variety of sizes, from small personal-sized jars to large containers with multiple compartments inside. You can have these customized with your company logo or other designs on them as well! Check out our previously made paper concentrate packaging ideas:

Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-24
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-24
Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-25
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-25
Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-26
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-26

Pop Top Containers

Another great option for live resin concentrate jar packaging is pop-top containers. These are made from plastic but look like glass jars when closed up. They come in many different sizes and shapes, so there is sure to be one that fit your vision and product needs.

Glass jars

Glass jars are often preferred over plastic containers because they don’t contain harmful chemicals as plastic does, but storage should come down to your personal preference.

The Minimalist

Packaging that’s all about the product is always a hit. A simple, “no-frills” style typically includes low to no color, and a clear box or container that allows the customer to see what you’ve got.

The Brand Builder

A brand is more than just a logo; it’s the overall feeling your customers get when they think of you. By using consistent colors, fonts, and even products, you can create a signature style or look that will help your customers identify you in the crowd.

The Color Pop

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, color is one way to do it, especially if you’re in an industry that tends to be more on the muted side, like pharmaceuticals or supplements. Adding striking colors to your concentrate box packaging can make it stand apart from your competitors.

Cannabis Concentrate Extracts Packaging

Concentrate Extract Packaging ideas ZEE-27
Extract Packaging ideas ZEE-27

Cannabis extract concentrates can be found in many forms including wax, shatter, oil, and even crumble. These extracts are made by stripping the cannabis plant of its terpenes and cannabinoids using a solvent. Extracts are a great way to get a potent dose of THC without having to smoke flowers. There are different innovative ways to make your concentrates packaging more secure and appealing, besides it is important to choose a packaging material that not only preserves but also protects your product. Here are some of the unique ideas for creating a custom concentrate packaging:

Custom Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Boxes

The cannabis concentrate box packaging is available in different sizes and shapes depending upon their specific needs. These boxes not only preserve their quality but also protect them from any kind of physical damage or manufacturing errors. You can use the concentrate box packaging for different purposes like protecting the extracts or showing off your brand logo. Here are some samples from our paper concentrate jar packaging portfolio:

Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-28
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-28
Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-29
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-29
Paper Concentrate Packaging Portfolio ZEE-30
Paper Concentrate Box ZEE-30

Tear Proof Packaging

The concentrate box packaging requires extra care because they are fragile by nature and need to be transported safely so that they don’t get damaged during transportation. The tear-proof packaging provides additional protection to these concentrates while ensuring their integrity while transporting.

Glass Jars

This classic form of concentrates packaging is not going anywhere anytime soon. Glass jars can be produced affordably in bulk while still maintaining a high-quality look. The transparency of glass offers consumers the ability to see how much product they are getting. In addition, glass jars offer an environmentally friendly option for your customers.

Plastic Tubes

Plastic tubes are another form of cannabis packaging that has gained traction with consumers. Plastic tubes are ideal for storing infused products like edibles or gummies. When you want to store your product while keeping it away from light and air, plastic tubes are often the way to go.

Cannabis Concentrate Hash Oil Packaging

Concentrate Hash Oil Packaging ideas ZEE-31
Hash Oil Packaging ideas ZEE-31

Hash oil, also known as honey oil or cannabis oil, is an oleoresin obtained by the extraction of cannabis or hashish. Hash oil is usually consumed by smoking, vaporizing, or eating. It may be sold in cartridges used with pen vaporizers. Here are some of the best hash oil concentrate box packaging styles you can use:

Concentrate Packaging Boxes

Custom concentrate jar packaging boxes are the most common style for packaging hash oil concentrates. They can be made from thin cardboard or thick compressed cardboard depending on how much space you need inside them. These types of boxes come in three sections: one designed to hold the container and two flaps that open and close like a medicine bottle. Here are some image samples from our rigid concentrate jar packaging:

Child Resistant Rigid Concentrate Packaging Portfolio image ZEE-32
Rigid Concentrate Box ZEE-32
Rigid Concentrate Packaging Portfolio image ZEE-33
Rigid Concentrate Box ZEE-33
Rigid Concentrate Packaging Portfolio image ZEE-34
Rigid Concentrate Box ZEE-34

Flexible Packaging

Flexible concentrates packaging is one of the most popular packaging styles when it comes to packing hash oil concentrates. It is mainly used for small packets as they are compact, flexible, and easy to store. They are excellent for on-the-go use and also help in keeping the product fresh by keeping out dirt and moisture.

Push Pop Tubes

If you want a handy yet stylish way of storing hash oil concentrate, then push pop tubes are perfect for you. They are usually made from food-grade plastic or aluminum that protects them from getting any damage. Push pop tubes also come with droppers at their end that make it easier to dispense the oil concentrate into food or other edibles. They help in preserving the aroma and taste of your product by not letting any moisture invade it.

The traditional blister pack

This is a plastic tray used as a display and protective packaging in which a hash oil concentrate is encased in a recess that is formed in the tray. The material is folded over to protect against tampering and tampering. The shape of the tray can be customized according to the size, shape, and style of the hash oil concentrate.

Window sleeve or a die-cut window

 A window sleeve in concentrate box packaging is an easy way to show off your product. The best part is that it doesn’t require any tooling, so it’s a cost-effective way for brands on a budget to show off their products. If you want something a little fancier, then consider using a die-cut window instead.

Sealed glass cases

Glass cases are also easy to customize and can be designed to fit any type of hash oil concentrate. They offer maximum transparency so consumers can see exactly what they are getting. They also provide an airtight seal that guarantees freshness and keeps any contaminants from entering the package. This protects your hash oil concentrate from leaks or spills, making it easier for storage and transport.

Add Some Texture to your Concentrate Packaging

 Adding texture to your hash oil concentrate box packaging can make it feel more luxurious and high-end and give customers something new to touch and feel when they pick up your product at the dispensary.

Bottom line

As time goes on, the popularity of cannabis concentrates is only going to increase. That means that more and more consumers will begin investing in their packaging. The best cannabis packaging is easy to open, resealable, and displays information. Cannabis concentrate should always be kept out of reach from children and pets, so packaging design must contain safety warnings on the label. With the help of a professional design company like us, you can create your own concentrates packaging. By choosing the right type of concentrate box packaging, you will be able to sell your products fast, generate repeat business, and grow your company.